Autism in the Christian Family

If you are a Christian and you have a child with autism, you are figuring out that Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said “in the world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33).   The beautiful thing is that the verse doesn’t end there…He says “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  I believe more than ever that God’s Word is true and that His promises are sure.  Because of that, it’s possible for me to “be of good cheer” and rest in Him.

 I’m writing as someone who has been in that lonely, barren valley of hurt, anger and deep sadness over the reality of having a child with special needs.  There was a time when I felt like a switch turned off in my soul…like I lost my personality and the ability to relate to others….I could only walk through the day in survival mode…just willing myself to function and not completely check out.   Those were dark days indeed, and it is still difficult to reflect on those times.  I prayed…oh, how I prayed…but it seemed that the Lord did not hear.   It was a devastating time…anyone who has been through this can tell you so.

My journey from the darkest days to the place of rest and hope that I live in now wasn’t a matter of some miraculous mountain top experience or some poof!  it’s all better now moment.  It has truly been a journey…a marathon of prayer, reading and applying God’s Word in my life and in my marriage and most importantly, learning to trust in the sovereignty and goodness of God.  Hey, I still have down days…after all, Noah is still not talking much and is not even close to grade level at school.  In spite of all that, I know that the Lord has a mighty purpose for Noah.  Even if he gains no more skills and stays just like he is now, he is an amazing blessing to our family and to other people. 

Doug and I have learned a lot of things along the way.  We’re still learning.  The pages that I write here will be about our journey.  If you know the Lord, I hope that you will be encouraged, amused and sometimes even challenged by what is written.  If you don’t know the Lord, I hope that you will read anyway and learn of our Glorious Savior who wants to strengthen and encourage His children.  I cannot imagine walking this road without Him.

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