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What we did on our summer vacation…

August 7th, 2011 by ec

So after our Griswald family trip to Wallyworld last vacation, which was in October 2009, I was a wee bit nervous when it came time to plan our trip for this summer.

We did not even attempt to take a vacation last summer, since it was chock full of super fun activities like moving to our new house and me having a hysterectomy.

We were more than ready for a vacation this summer.

Our destination was North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.  I found a lovely cabin in Blowing Rock and booked it for a week.  We were excited, but wondering if history was about to repeat.

Ever the optimist, I purchased a large bucket at Lowe’s and crammed it full of beach towels to take on our trip.  (You know, in case the barfing started in the van.)  I also packed extra blankets, because I planned to take the fancy comforters off of the beds in our rental when we got there…not wanting our boys to stain the lovely bedding.  (You know, in case the barfing started in the middle of the night.)

What the what, you say?

Oh…yes.  I knew that there would be barfing.  I just knew it.

And there was.

I believe that it’s long been established here that Doug and I are out of our minds.

Which is why it will not be a surprise that we have these pictures in our vacation album.  My sister Lori thinks that we’ve found our Christmas card photo in this batch.

Waiting for the next round…

oh. my.

Noah’s turn came earlier in the week, but we don’t have pictures of that because he did his barfing in the middle of the night and all over the bathroom floor at Tweetsie Railroad.


Believe it or not, we still had a fabulous vacation.  Really.   Lots more pictures to come, but here are a few from about 12 hours before the above scene, taken at Grandfather Mountain…

See?  It wasn’t all puking.  In fact, most of it was pretty stinkin’ fantastic.

More pictures to come…










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Kindergarten graduation…

August 6th, 2011 by ec

So Isaac had a stellar year in Kindergarten.  His teacher was AMAZING and he loved it.

Because I have always mocked the idea of a “Kindergarten Graduation” (really?!  Kindergarten?!), God made sure that I was going to attend one for my own child, and yes…cry like a little girl.

Here’s Isaac with his teacher, holding his “diploma”.  (Go ahead and mock the diploma.  I used to.  But just TRY to watch YOUR kid get one of those and not boo-hoo.  Just sayin’.)

I thought that I had a ton of other pictures from graduation, but it turns out that I pretty much exclusively captured video that night, so there you go…pretty much the only picture that I’ve got is the one that you see.

The video is adorable, by the way.








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…so where was I?…

August 6th, 2011 by ec

Oh, yes…shuttle launches.

I do realize that it has been over 5 months since I have posted anything here.  My blogging break was quite unplanned, but life just kind of took over and I simply forgot on most days that I even have a blog.

I have lots of pictures to post and lots of life to write about, but it’s rather hard to get started, so I’ll just pick up where I left off and go from there.

First up…the final shuttle launch.

After entering NASA’s lottery three times to purchase tickets to watch the shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center, imagine my wild happy dance when an email arrived in my inbox stating that I had a chance to purchase ticket’s for Atlantis’ final blast off.

The tickets came via FedEx.  Isaac was super excited…he’s a little Space Shuttle lover too.

The big day arrived.  We woke up at 4:30 a.m. and piled in a van with Kris and her kiddos and headed for the Space Coast.

The weather prediction for the day was dire…it looked like a certain scrub was on it’s way, but God parted the clouds and up Atlantis went.  It was incredible to be there for the last one.  I did not take any pictures of the actual launch because I just wanted to soak it all in (and hoot and holler and jump around) one last time.  There were lots of other photo ops though.  We spent almost five hours after the launch relaxing and touring the KSC Visitor Complex.  It was great fun and kept us out of the horrible traffic until it cleared.

There was a huge banner for visitors to sign to wish Atlantis Godspeed.  Isaac took a turn…

The obligatory “face in the astronaut suit” pic…

Waiting in line to ride the “Shuttle Launch Experience”, which was a total kick…

Exploring the Rocket Garden…

The ride home…wiped out, but happy kids…

What a fun memory.

Next up…vacation.  Or Kindergarten graduation.  Or a Noah story.

We’ll see…









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Thanks for the memories, Discovery…

February 24th, 2011 by ec

So this afternoon, my Dad, Noah and I picked up Isaac after school and high-tailed it to the coast to watch the final liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery.  Of the remaining shuttle fleet, I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to Discovery.  I was on the NASA causeway when she launched in the fall of 1988…the shuttle program’s return to flight following the Challenger tragedy.  I will never forget that day…being just 6 miles from the launch pad and feeling the ground moving under my feet and hearing the wild cheers from an emotional crowd…it was simply electric.  In 1995, I watched from Space View Park in Titusville, when Discovery launched as the return to flight mission after the Columbia was lost.  It too was an unforgettable experience.  Since I have such fond memories of watching Discovery’s historic launches, it just seemed fitting to head to the coast to see her fly one last time.

We knew that we would be cutting it close time-wise…Isaac’s school lets out at 3:00 and the launch was scheduled for 4:50.  We had no idea how close we would come to missing it.

Five miles from the coast, the traffic started to back up.  After a nervous 40 minutes in stop and go traffic, my Dad created his own unique parking spot in front of someone’s beach-side garage and we jumped out of the truck and hauled out on to the beach.  We made it with one minute to spare.

Here’s a few pictures…

I wasn’t sure if we would hear the shuttle from our viewing location on New Smyrna Beach, but sure enough, about three minutes into flight, the rumble of the engines hit us.  Very cool.  We also got the clearest look at the booster separation that I’ve ever witnessed on a daytime launch.  What fun.  Isaac loved it.

After the launch, we drove on the beach and parked to wait out the traffic jam exiting town.  Noah was in his own little heaven, playing in the ocean…

We had a fabulous time.

Thanks for another wonderful memory, Discovery.



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Falling teeth and other random updates…

January 31st, 2011 by ec

So Issac lost the first of his two front teeth this weekend.  For all my KC and out of town family, here’s a look at the new smile…

The other one is about to fly out of his mouth any second now.

So the waiting begins.

Will his new front teeth come in looking like his Mama’s which resembled a young Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls  on “Little House on the Prairie” before years of orthodontics rescued her…and me…from a life of ridiculously humongous buck teeth?  Or will Isaac mercifully be spared such a fate and get Doug’s “normal” sized choppers?  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I’m obsessively checking Isaac’s mouth to see if I can determine whether it’s a petite and cute little chicklet or an over-sized clipboard emerging from his top gum.


I was really very silly when I thought that the end of Doug’s holiday gig season would begin a season of quiet in our house.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Me so delusional.

On January 11th, we received word that our church’s offer to purchase a new building was accepted.  I won’t go into details quite yet, but if things progress the way they look like they will, we should be in our new church home the first Sunday in July.  It’s a pretty amazing God story how it all came about, and I will surely share it here soon.  There are a lot of wonderful things about the property, but one of the biggest woo-hoos is that our mortgage payment will be about half of what we are currently paying in rent.  How SWEET is that?!

So besides some super fun adventures in real estate, Doug has been really busy with gigs.  He’ll be even busier next month.  A few weeks ago he was selected to become a sub for the Voices of Liberty at Epcot.  He has done the Candlelight thing with VOL for the past three Christmas seasons, but has not had the opportunity to work with the day cast.  Starting Monday, he will be in rehearsals for two weeks learning the regular show.  We’re thrilled.  Doug is getting lots of work with Dapper Dans, but it will be great to have him on two sub lists out at Disney.  He was hired to sing baritone…a fun change for him since he has always been mr. bass man.

Well…gotta run.  I hear both hysterical laughing and insane hollering at the same time which probably means that WWF has commenced in the middle of our family room.

More when I get a chance…

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